Full Size Self-Driving Cars

In February 2018 we took some of the brightest engineers from across the world to Queensland, Australia to take part in the world’s first 72 Hour Challenge to build a fully autonomous full-scale car.  Five teams took part in the challenge and successfully adapted old Australian classic cars into remote-controlled and self-driving cars.

We are now able to bring to you the same kits that these teams used so that you too can build your own full-scale kit car.  Just send a message through the website or Facebook page and we will help you out!


5V – 30A Relay Module SPDT Relay(30A)
Accelerator Servo Servo – High Torque 40kg/cm
Radio – RC Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & iA8 Receiver (Mode 1)
Servo Extension Cables – 100cm Twisted 100cm Servo Lead Extension
Voltage Regulator for Receiver Turnigy HV SBEC 5A Switch Regulator (8-42V input)
Ignition connectors Yellow Quick Splice Connectors 12-10AWG Pk 6
Hookup Wire – light duty Light Duty Hook-up Wire Pack – 8 colours
Battery Terminals Gold Battery Terminal – Screw type
Arduino Uno Arduino Uno
EPS – Steering column Electronic Power Steering Column with uni joint shaft
Brakes actuator Actuator – 150mm Stroke 11.5mm Speed 700N
Gear Shifter actuator Actuator – 100mm Stroke 11.5mm Speed 700N
Steering motor driver Motor Driver – Sabertooth dual 60A motor driver
Brake and Gear Selector motor driver Motor Driver – Sabertooth dual 32A motor driver
Slide Potentiometer Alps RSA0N Series Slide Potentiometer, 10kΩ, ±20%, 0.5W, Through Hole
Multiturn Potentiometer 5-Turn, 5kΩ, ±5%, 1.5W
Deep Cycle Battery Century – NS70T
8 AWG Wire – Red Aerpro Power Cable – 8 AWG, Red
8 AWG Wire – Black Aerpro Power Cable – 8 AWG, Black
Dual Battery Isolator Kit SCA 12v Dual Battery Isolator Kit
Battery Box Calibre Battery Box – Medium
Actuator Power Wire 6mm Wire (2 core) red/black – 5m
Relay wire 7 Core automotive wire (10m)
Automotive Electrical Connector Kit
Battery Isolator Switch 12v Battery Master Switch – 250 – 1000 Amp

Instructable “Full Sized RC Car” by Ken Macken: