In February 2018 we took some of the brightest engineers from across the world to Queensland, Australia to take part in the world's first 72 Hour Challenge to build a fully autonomous full-scale car.  Five teams took part in the challenge and successfully adapted old Australian classic cars into remote-controlled and self-driving cars.

We are now able to bring to you the same kits that these teams used so that you too can build your own full-scale kit car.  Just send a message through the website or Facebook page and we will help you out!



Throughout the challenge, we and associated people developed a lot of materials that have been made publicly available.  They have been listed below for those interested in taking on a solo challenge to make your own self-driving vehicle.

Parts needed for the Car control system for the "Full Sized RC Car":

5V - 30A Relay Module SPDT Relay(30A)
Accelerator Servo Servo - High Torque 40kg/cm
Radio - RC Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & iA8 Receiver (Mode 1)
Servo Extension Cables - 100cm Twisted 100cm Servo Lead Extension
Voltage Regulator for Receiver Turnigy HV SBEC 5A Switch Regulator (8-42V input)
Ignition connectors Yellow Quick Splice Connectors 12-10AWG Pk 6
Hookup Wire - light duty Light Duty Hook-up Wire Pack - 8 colours
Battery Terminals Gold Battery Terminal - Screw type
Arduino Uno Arduino Uno
EPS - Steering column Electronic Power Steering Column with uni joint shaft
Brakes actuator Actuator - 150mm Stroke 11.5mm Speed 700N
Gear Shifter actuator Actuator - 100mm Stroke 11.5mm Speed 700N
Steering motor driver Motor Driver - Sabertooth dual 60A motor driver
Brake and Gear Selector motor driver Motor Driver - Sabertooth dual 32A motor driver
Slide Potentiometer Alps RSA0N Series Slide Potentiometer, 10kΩ, ±20%, 0.5W, Through Hole
Multiturn Potentiometer 5-Turn, 5kΩ, ±5%, 1.5W
Deep Cycle Battery Century - NS70T
8 AWG Wire - Red Aerpro Power Cable - 8 AWG, Red
8 AWG Wire - Black Aerpro Power Cable - 8 AWG, Black
Dual Battery Isolator Kit SCA 12v Dual Battery Isolator Kit
Battery Box Calibre Battery Box - Medium
Actuator Power Wire 6mm Wire (2 core) red/black - 5m
Relay wire 7 Core automotive wire (10m)
Automotive Electrical Connector Kit
Battery Isolator Switch 12v Battery Master Switch - 250 - 1000 Amp





Instructable "Full Sized RC Car" by Ken Macken: