We offer products for wholesale and distribution. If you are needing a large quantity of our products or want to become a distributor of us, please contact our wholesale team to get the latest bulk pricing and more information about partnering.

More information, please send Email to : [email protected]


Our team has a diverse background of people.  Some of the team began as a University project two years ago with autonomous cars and grew to a mission to bring robotics hardware to students, industry and the world!  Other members have been working with hardware and supply chains for many years.  Together we are now working on building products for wholesale and distribution.

Linda Luo

Head of business development

Shenzhen, China

LinkedIn: /in/luoxiaobei/


Shi Pan

Electronic Engineer

Bachelor of Engineering(Hons), Electronic and Communication Engineering

Shenzhen, China

LinkedIn: /in/shi-pan/

Hans-Joachim Michl


Shenzhen, China



Zang Peng

Embedded software engineer

Bachelor of Robotization (Hons)

Shenzhen, China

LinkedIn: /

Cian Byrne

Lead Engineer

Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology (Computer Science, Information Systems)

Sydney, Australia

LinkedIn: /in/cian-byrne-sydney/