Accelerate, Build and Create for an
Autonomous World enabling everyone
to be skilled in Robotics and AI.

Our aim is to enable all people, regardless of skill level, to be skilled in robotics
and artificial intelligence. We want everyone to have a chance to learn about
these technologies and apply the skills to improve efficiency and outcomes for
businesses in the future


To see as many people as possible collaborating and building AI technology of the future through better teaching and learning.


Robo HAT MM1


Donkey Car Community Engagement


Industry Partnerships with Universities


Building and creating open-source solutions and tools that can be used by individuals, communities, and educational institutions.

This starts with our educational kits and programs based around our Robo HAT MM1 platform and extends to attending community events and participating in university research.

The Robotics Masters team have worked closely with community groups like Donkey Car, Microsoft and Crowd Supply Makers to help make existing platforms more accessible. This is seen through our support of the popular platforms CircuitPython, Arduino and MakeCode in the Robo HAT MM1 ecosystem.

Community is at the heart of achieving Our Mission. The open-source community promotes collaboration and sharing, which are core to increased knowledge training in Robotics and AI. Robotics Masters contributes to many open-source projects and gives back by attending conferences and events to help achieve Our Vision.

We have worked closely with undergraduate
students at universities around the world.

The Robotics Masters team have helped mentor and guide more than 200 students
on their pathway to becoming more skilled Robotics and AI industry engineers.

The Team

Cian's background is in software engineering and IT. At Robotics Masters, Cian uses these skills to build the software stack on top of the hardware. Cian also has deep connections in community groups such as Donkey Car and other AI/ML/Self-Driving start-ups. Cian leads the University engagement program and has mentored more than 750+ students over 5 years.
Cian Byrne

Co-Founder, CEO

Hans has exceptional experience in the hardware manufacturing space. Hans' skills are essential for developing the advanced hardware stack that Robotics Masters has worked on. Hans' is known very well in the hardware start-up and makerspaces around the globe.

Co-Founder, CTO

Peter's core focus in the company is building relationships and community engagement through events such as Maker Faire and AWS Deep Racer. Peter also engages suppliers and assists with manufacturing.